18 December 2014


How many months has it been? :) we started talking again since june 13th. God, never in my life have i ever though we’d talk again. Yes, we did talk sebelum sebelum ni. tapi tak sama macam 2012. and it wasnt as heck special as it is now. Honestly, as corny as it might sound, gosh, aku happy sangat. Aku happy kau datang balik. aku happy kau actually buat effort to get me back. rasa nak menangis. what have i done to deserve such thing? I know i wasnt the only one. tapi tak apa. that’s how life really works kan? ya, memang aku marah dulu. it still hurts but as time goes by ive learnt that tak kira la apa jadi pun if someone is meant to be with you, no matter how far they wander they will always gravitate back towards you. If it’s meant to be, then it will be. if Dia ☝️ cakap “kun” , fa yakun. maka jadi lah ia. Ive always felt like some of my friends have turned their backs on me ever since “us” happened. since the very beginning. Tapi again, tak apa. I got to know who my real friends are anyway. but guess what. I wont let it get to me. I wont let these people bring me down again. im so done caring about what people have to think of me. Satu tahun weh. how did i ever manage to live without u, huh? I guess that’s all i really needed after all. A one year break from everything.

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