01 September 2015

lupakan semua. lupakan kau pernah buat apa kat aku. lupakan how once you've left me and then you came back saying you loved me but then left me again. lupakan how u came back and i accepted you for who you were. lupakan you left her for me because now, you left me for her again. lupakan how u talked to my friend bcs u wanted me back. lupakan how i said "bagi aku masa" because i was afraid to get hurt again. lupakan how your friend convinced me that u've changed for the better and supaya aku "bukak mata yg laki ni sayang kau." lupakan every single night we spent talking over skype. lupakan how you always paksa me facetime when i was always not in the mood for it. lupakan tiap tiap malam kita skype dari malam sampai ke sahur. lupakan how i would wait for you sampai rumah pukul 4-5 pagi after spending the whole night lepak cc sbb skype. lupakan how i'd wait for you makan sahur lepas balik cc and went to sleep only after u had your sahur. lupakan how we'd talk when u main fifa. lupakan every "jangan lah diam je". lupakan those selfies u sent to me. lupakan when your brother dapat baby iz, and u were so excited u even compared your brother's baby picture dgn baby iz and showed it to me. lupakan how u'd paksa me and bring me pergi cc when i didnt want to. lupakan how u'd always ask me "okay tak?" lupakan kita breakfast mamak mana. lupakan how i really wanted to rasa my first naan cheese with you. lupakan we spent thousands of hours talking over the phone. most importantly, lupakan every goddamn free call you spent talking with me. all of them. lupakan how u told your friend how u missed me so much and that time u had 100 minutes free call, and you used it for me. lupakan how u'd dm me through your friend's twitter "jom skype". lupakan how u told me your mom forgave all of your mistakes. lupakan how u told me to salam umi abah masa first day spm. lupakan how when that girl tegur you, and you'd screenshot and send it to me. lupakan how we laughed at those people. lupakan how u'd come to my house only for coconut shake. lupakan every single time u'd come to my house. lupakan how u'd even hold my hand. god damn it, lupakan. lupakan how u'd teman me pergi toilet when i wanted to pee. lupakan how you pergi rumah kawan kau semata ambik helmet for me. lupakan how i wanted to see movies with you. also, lupakan every movie that u wanted to see with me. lupakan every compliment you ever gave me, bc right now i seem to hesitate every single one of them. lupakan how i went for dinner with my brother and sister, and you came to the same exact restaurant only bc you wanted to see me. lupakan how u'd say "bateri nak mampos. I love you" lupakan every iloveyou's and imissyou's you said to me. lupakan how we gaduh and pukul 2 pagi u'd ask me "jom keluar". lupakan how i ignored you for days when u never once ignored me at times when i needed u the most. lupakan that horror movie we watched dekat spectrum with your friends and u wanted me to go with u even though i was the only girl. lupakan "tak dengar lah sayang" whenever u didnt hear what i was saying. bc i swear to god, it hurts like hell listening to our voice notes. lupakan how i tak makan popcorn. lupakan how i never pernah makan habis bila makan kat mamak. lupakan how u'd borrow your friend's phone bcs u wanted to skype with me. lupakan every single time you came to my school so that we could lepak mcd bcs i missed u too much. lupakan how u'd get mad at me for ignoring u bcs i fell asleep lepas habis tuisyen. also, lupakan how u'd get mad at me for always tidur petang. lupakan how i told u that i wanted to be the best for u. lupakan how u said that u loved me too much. lupakan semua org that we kutuk. lupakan how i was emotional watching 'beruk tok ayah" and u said i was funny. lupakan how u cerita that you teacher told u if u wanted something, kena sentiasa cakap pasal tu sbb u told me, ada sorg tu teringin nak belajar luar negara and now he's living the dream. lupakan how many times i broke down crying bcs of you. lupakan how u'd bukak lagu 'all of me" for me over skype bcs i still have the voice note in my phone. bcs i swear. i swear to god it hurts like hell every time i listen to it. lupakan how u'd cerita at me pasal sekolah and my friend would always get mad at me sbb i always tahu cerita from u first and not from her. lupakan that first ever phone call u made after god knows how long of not talking over phone w each other. lupakan segala efforts you did for me, lupakan every efforts that i did for you. lupakan every single time i got jealous. lupakan every single time you got jealous. lupakan puteri duyung bcs this puteri duyung is not your puteri duyung anymore. lupakan medina. all those craps. lupakan mika. lupakan how i said that what we had was not real when the truth is, it was real bcs i never stopped loving u. lupakan how everytime i got mad and u'd whatsapp me "ilove you" bcs you knew it was the only way to cool me down. lupakan that one time u said "asalkan kita dah happy macam dulu" bcs right now i cant seem to get it outta my mind. lupakan every "sorry" u said to me. lupakan that one date we went when i wanted to hantar u dekat motor, i did but then u patah balik sbb u wanted to hantar me masuk dalam balik bcs u said it was dangerous. lupakan how many times we went to ampang point like it was our second home. lupakan how we'd sit and watch air terjun dekat klcc. lupakan that first song u ever sent to me through whatsapp bcs now i cant even listen to it without bursting into tears. lupakan how i'd always  terjaga pukul 3-4 pagi and whatsapp u. lupakan that promise we made "lepas spm kita kita lepas rindu puas puas". lupakan that day when u got the job dekat papparich and i was so proud of u. lupakan how i went to your tempat kerja on your birthday to give u something. lupakan how never once i gave up on you. lupakan how i pernah duduk sembang dengan akak papparich with you. lupakan every night u tidur mbi and spent the whole night talking with me. lupakan how u'd spam me on whatsapp on my birthday bcs it's already 2 september and all i want right now is time to stop ticking. lupakan every iloveyou u said to me face to face. tolong lupakan every little piece of hope i held on to bcs i loved you too much to let you go.

tolong lupakan, sebab demi tuhan, aku tak boleh nak lupakan semua ni.

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